So he said “Ken, have you ever done any acting before?”. So I said “No”. So he said “Right, I’ve got just the part for you…” …and the rest as they say is…well not quite yet but maybe one day, we’ll see. This is how Ken explains his start in what he affectionately refers to as “this acting malarkey”. Born Kenneth Graham Stamp in a little town in Cornwall, England to Avon sales lady Hilda and ‘ship to shore’ radio operator Ray. He attended school in North Wales and college in Leicester. Stamp traveled the world for some 20 years- the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East before returning to his home country just after the millennium. It was then that he stumbled upon, or was tripped into the world of acting. 


After a while, including time spent studying Drama in college, something slowly dawned on him. He was, after half a lifetime of working in a variety of jobs, finally receiving compliments, approval and genuine praise for something he was doing. Although Ken became an actor relatively late, the one innocent compliment that he will never forget was from one of the make up girls working on a film in which he featured. Turning to him she asked, “Have you been an Actor all your life?”. So, as he says “Maybe the rest won’t make history but at last I’ve found what will be my history”.


Ken has been a member of Raindance Film Festival Group since 2020 

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